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No better.Happy Monday night internet people.  Join me for a quick blog, would you?

Ten o’clock and I’m fresh back from the gym, where I’ve been steady-working to drop pounds and evade heart-attacks and whatnot.  And, still so-far-so-good in that department.  I’m not near giving up yet, and I daresay I’ve near developed a habit.  (Good for me, since I’m far and away a creature of habit.)

Sometimes people ask me, “Don’t you just feel better now that you’re going to the gym?  Like… you have tons more energy and you just have an overall better feeling?”  I’ve heard this a lot, in fact people used to say it to me as a convincing argument that working out was worth it.  And, as much as it pains me to let folks down I have to be honest and tell them that, no, I don’t feel magically “better” for working out – at least not physically.  Now, mentally, and how well I feel about myself for being disciplined and sticking with it – that’s a whole other thing.  I’ve got pride by the chestful in that department.  But, as far as my body just feeling “better,” I can’t say it does.  Sorry gym rats… maybe I just need more time.

I think work is on the cusp of slowing down a bit; I’m over the major hump I needed to summit before I got a little breathing room.  I cut loose that effort tomorrow and am hoping for a slightly slower remainder of the week so I can catch up on the 800 e-mails sitting in the inbox waiting for my attention.  My job is not “hard” like breaking rocks or building houses hard, but it’s got its own “hard” elements to it at times.  I suppose I do enough to earn my keep,; at least I don’t leave feeling guilty each day.

Now, in you-reading-this time I bet not even two minutes have elapsed.  Over here in me-writing-this time, however, the big hand is creeping towards the little green pip-less domino that represents an eleven on our living room clock (no numbers, we’re fancy like that).  Anyway… that, dear friends, means I shall close the lid on another short entry and call it a night.

Until tomorrow then, adieu.

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