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Yesterday I had a 6:30am meeting. I also had a 5pm meeting. I finally quit working around 10:30pm. When the first thing you say to your wife when you climb into bed is, “How was your day?,” you know you’ve been a little too focused on work. Needless to say I didn’t feel much like writing. Being busy like this is really taking a toll on the page… but I will maintain… I will persevere. So, with my eyes on the prize, I boldly march forward into today’s entry.

Just because a fellow decides to buy a bike and ride it to work some days instead of driving, does that mean you need to ask him every day if he rode his bike? It’s an unexpected side-effect of my decision: guilt. I know that, every day when she gets home, Sharaun is going to ask me if I rode my bike to work. And every day I don’t ride my bike to work, I feel the guilt as I back the truck out of the garage; my bike still hanging from its hook in the rafters. You people who ask me if I rode, I’ve got your number. I’m convinced you’re not just asking me if I rode my bike on that particular day. Nay, you are charging me under the cloak of curiosity, silently indicting me! “Did you ride today” translates to “I know you didn’t ride your bike today, you lazy bum. Now admit as much out loud before the world and God, and be ashamed of your sloth.” I know, I’m perceptive.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that Sharaun is a teacher, but… Sharaun’s a teacher. OK, now that I’ve established that… wait, what did I establish again… that’s right, Sharaun’s a teacher – you get an A. Anyway, she often grades papers in the evening. As much as this sucks for her, to be working in the evenings, sometimes it can be fun…. those times are mostly the times when we sit around and make fun of the answers some of her kids come up with. And, after careful consideration of the ethical principles involved, I decided to post some of the brightest gems from tonight’s papers. This lesson was on “Aryans Bringing Change to India,” and below is a sampling of some of our favorite answers from her 6th grade class, original spelling and grammar intact. All these kids got Fs… my wife is brutal.

Question: Where did the Aryans come from? Where did they migrate to?

Answer: They migrated to the Black and Caspian Seas.
(Really? They migrated to the sea?)

Answer: They came from Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and they went southward Indo-Europeans.
(They came from the sea… and they… huh?)

Answer: The Aryans came from Europe and Western Asia. They migrate took over a hundreds of years ago.
(Ohhh… that first sentence was so dead on. The Ritalin must’ve worn off before the second one though.)

Answer: India came from hometown, and went to Europe.
(I don’t even… know how to… what!?)

Question: How did the Aryan migrations effect civilization in India?

Answer: It effected them by drying up the crops.
(Migration dried up the crops. OK.)

Answer: They just too over and too over they’re land with out them knowing and just mess up everything.
(Can’t even comment… laughing.)

Question: If you had been a Brahman in early Indian society, how might you have felt about the teachings of Buddha? How might you have felt about his teachings if you had been an untouchable?

Answer: I would’ve felt interesting and happy. If I were an untouchable I would feel like crying into tears becan he’s telling us to keep our head up.
(The phrase “crying into tears” is outstanding.)

Answer: I will have felt confused because it’s bad that they were doing those things and doing things unknown. Probuly helpful in a way because they were keeping they’re country clean in away.
(Say what?)

I’d like to thank her for her help with today’s entry. Goodnight.

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