a firm belief in entropy

Happy Sunday night Sunday night people; Happy Monday morning Monday morning people.

Sitting around now drinking some better-drink-it-tonight wine before it goes to vinegar, listening to the iPod shuffle up some tunes, and helping Sharaun decide what to make for dinner by suggesting my all-time go-to, spaghetti. “Why is it always spaghetti?,” she asks rhetorically. “It’s my secret punishment for you not having dinner planned,” I think in my brain while I say, “Because I like spaghetti,” out loud (neither is less true than the other). Long blog tonight, words just came. I resisted the urge to split-and-save, and just plonked it all down in as best a logical order as I could find. Enjoy.

Today I had decided that, after church, I wanted to get out into the yard and do some work. Yesterday I was out and mowing the lawn early enough that the puffs of my exhaled breath hung like small clouds in front of my face, trying to beat forecasted rain that never did show up. Today, I had plans to finish up the fence and maybe plant some new plants. Of course, per my standard work ethic, I got slightly less than that done. I did manage to finish up edging in the backyard (the stupid rechargeable edger ran out of juice with just under half to go, I swear I’m buying a gas one), tend to some plants, do some weeding, and actually do as much as I could on the fence without making the final trip to the hardware store for the pieces I needed (I was slightly less motivated than needed for a trip to the store).

While I was out laboring under the cloudless sunny sky, Keaton joined me, following me around and offering her “help” whenever she could. Unsurprisingly, I eventually broke down and ended up laying in the grass with her blowing bubbles from a bottle and wand she found somewhere. That was so fun, I decided to go ahead and taunt the weather Gods by breaking out the hammock and Summertime patio-set cushions and umbrella (I had uncovered the barbecue a week ago, and have cooked on it twice already in these infantile days of Summer). Keaton helped me fasten the cushions onto the chairs with their little Velcro loops, and immediately wanted to “fwing” in the hammock (which is the real reason I broke the thing out to begin with).

I figure, if I had to tally it all on a timesheet for a foreman, I’d have about one and a half solid hours of work, and an equal amount of time spent blowing bubbles, swinging with Keaton in the hammock, and running around the yard togehter. It’s the kinda workday I man can get into, you know? If only one of those burrito trucks would’ve come buy hawking quesadillas and nachos midway through or something… it woulda been tops.

Nerd stuff ahead, fast-forward if you want:

Oh, and, not that you care (or notice, I’ll bet) I fixed a few particularly annoying (to me) stylesheet bugs here on the site this weekend. One, I got rid of the stupid green bullets Internet Explorer put next to the poll choices from Friday’s entry (Firefox rendered them fine, but I had to hack around IE’s stupidness, and IE still doesn’t do the dynamic AJAXy stuff right like Firefox does). Two, I also finally fixed the fact that IE rendered the “recent comments” section of the sidebar with absolutely no gap between the comments (Firefox, of course, handled this perfectly and as intended). So, because it’s an inelegant fix, the gap in Firefox is now slightly larger than I’d like, while the IE gap is slightly smaller. Hey, it’s the best I could do without getting too fancy. Hope it enhances your experience (yeah, sure).

Nerd stuff over.

Let me tell you folks, I’m a firm believer in the concept of entropy. Defined as, “Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society,” I’m so convinced in the concept because I see it happening before my eyes all the time: Before I leave for work, I clear off my tiny third of the dresser-top (Sharaun gets two-thirds, I get the rest, this is just how it goes); when I return from work, the same surface which was just hours ago neat and tidy is now littered with washed and folded clothes, keys, stray earrings and other jewelry, receipts, and all other manner of crap. Entropy.

One day, upon returning home from work, I notice that our game of Balderdash was, for some reason, sitting on the floor in the garage between our two cars. Over the next few days, Balderdash was joined by some large bag bulging with Lord knows what. Soon, there are clothes atop the pile, what looks like trash, toys and shoes. I have no idea where the pile is coming from, but it’s not me. It’s growing by the week, and shows no signs of stopping. The other day I swear I saw a couple Fraggles asking advice from it. To make matters worse, it’s now spilling into the area where I walk, making the garage difficult to navigate. Entropy.

When I ask Sharaun about the slowly growing mound, she says, “Oh, that all came out of my car… I need to clean that up.” Folks, I honestly have no earthly idea how that substantial pile came from her car, especially since her car is still so piled with junk it’s hard to believe anything has ever been taken out of it. I guess, when the junk gets so high it spills out the open doors, she simply makes new piles. Now, let me say, I’m not trying to pick on her too much here… I mean I still love her and all. Entropy.

Then, tonight, Sharaun came home from an hour or so where I was home alone with Keaton, and came in the house to ask, “So… I guess you haven’t been in the garage lately, right?” “What do you mean,” I reply, “I was in and out of there all day today working outside.” “Well, the shelf above your workbench completely fell off the wall, everything’s all over the place,” she says. I walk into the garage to see for myself… and yes, everything has really fallen off the wall. Three of the four metal ‘L’ brackets that tie the shelving into the studs are still attached to the wall, although one is bent, and the fourth is gone, ripped out entirely. Everything, from our hiking packs, to boxes full of who-knows-what, to the receiver for my ghetto garage sound system… everything… is stacked in a sprawling pile at the front of my truck. I didn’t even stay in there long enough to contemplate the cleanup – I just sighed and moved on. Entropy.

Quick reminder that I’m running sounds familiar‘s first ever You Decide Friday poll, and for convenience I’ve reposted the voting right below for those who’ve yet to participate.

Thanks to those who’ve already voted, and thanks to the creative soul who mashed up the options to make their own… quite humorous. If you’ve not voted already, what are you waiting for?

Did I mention that Keaton’s stuttering is back? If not: Keaton’s stuttering is back. It’s strange, because while she and Sharaun were in Florida, her previous bout simply disappeared. It was completely gone up until about three days ago (I even wrote about being happy it had seemingly cleared itself up), when, all of the sudden, she just started doing it again. Like I said before, I’m still not overly concerned, especially now that it’s come and gone once already – it’s just strange. I’ll keep ya posted on the on-again-off-again-ness of it right here on the ol’ blog, OK? OK.

Well, that’s about it… goodnight people. Until tomorrow.

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