the absolute coolest thing in the world

You rogue!  This cardboard doth turn the finest steel!
Somehow I got back around to listening to the Decemberists. Man, these albums just make me feel so good. I love the lyrics and the imagery, they’ve got to be some of my absolute favorite albums in a long time.

Saw this link today which kinda put a smile on my face. A website wrote a letter pretending to be a 5th grade student, asking senators for their favorite jokes. Then they waited for the responses and published them. I think the senators that took the time to write back, especially in their own hands, are awesome for doing it. Some of the jokes even made me chuckle. I realize it must be hard to sift through the piles of mail these people get every day – but I think it’s cool that some staffer put these particular letters through to the senators and they actually took the time to respond. Why am I talking about this? I dunno, let’s move on.

Been evaluating some refinancing options for the house lately. Seems we can save a good deal of money if we refi now. The house across the street from us, same floorplan and same half-done backyard, recently appraised for $80k more than we paid for ours only 10mos ago. With that amount of equity and the rates where they are now, I think we’d be stupid to not refi. Plus, a reduction in our monthly payment would be a godsend. Since we couldn’t come up with the 20% downpayment, we’ve been paying some $300/mo in mortgage insurance. That’s money down the drain. With an appraisal that nets us 20% equity we can get out of the insurance, and get a lower monthly payment too. I have a meeting with a couple brokers today to discuss the finer details.

I got a note about yesterday’s entry from a friend at work, and I was kind of surprised because I’m still unsure who even reads this thing. Made me feel good because she said she could “… identify with the cooking… and the sports… and the pants that are supposed to be regular but are always 6 inches too long… and wondering how penguins have sex…” So, someone’s reading… not that it would really matter, I would probably write anyway. From the look of the last three paragraphs, it seems that I am trying to make this the most non-cohesive and random entry ever. There goes the slim audience I’ve somehow managed to keep up to now. For really though, I’ve been doing this thing for six months now? I’m pretty proud of that.

I remember when I was a kid that my dad did a lot of cool stuff for me. I hope that one day I can do cool stuff for my kids too. One day he made these elaborate cardboard shields for my brother and to swordfight with. He had taken the encyclopedia and either copied or blown-up and traced some mythical images on the front of the shields. Mine was a Pegasus, and I think Frank’s was a Minotaur or something. They were hand-drawn in red marker, and I remember thinking they were the absolute coolest thing in the world. I also remember my dad helping Frank and I write messages, stuff them in airtight beer bottles, and driving us to the pier to toss them in for potential castaways to find. I think the whole message-in-a-bottle idea was his, and he had us put some contact info in there in case anyone ever did find one. What a cool idea of something to do with your kids. One time I also saw him haul off and smack a dog in the head with a shovel, man dog’s yelp with they get smacked with shovels. Oh, the dog was mauling my little brother at the time – so it’s cool. Don’t sic PETA on me.

That’s it for today. Sorry. Dave out.

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  1. Re the message-in-a-bottle thing, I did something similar for a science project back in the day. Bought a bunch of latex helium-filled balloons, tied them to ziploc bags that had a note requesting a reply and a stamped, self addressed return envelope, and let those suckers ride the wind to the four corners. It really wasn´t that successful of a project – I think I only got like 3 replies. Part of the problem is I could only afford like 20 balloons or something like that. But the ones I did get replies to came from good distances – I think one of them was all the way on the other side of FL, on the east coast. Keep dreamin, DD. "I´ll send an SOS to the world…"

  2. How cute of you to take the GAY Pegasus and give the MANLY Minotaur to your little bro. 😉

    My step dad once gave me a real sword to play with. I ended up getting my ars beat for chopping down one of our neighbor’s trees with it.
    Keep up the good blog man!

    I’ll be reading.

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