Back from Florida and things are still non-stop.

I do, however, feel the writing bug coming back.  Now just to find time.  Recently work has stepped it up a notch.  Not like those times when I write things like, “Man work was killer this week,” or “Work is kicking my butt this week,” but rather a real sustained uptick in activity.  If I wanted to I think I could make a DHS-like “threat chart” for work, something like a “bandwidth-demand” chart that’d be similarly color-coded for how much of my mental time (not necessarily just at-work hours) work commands.  Right now I’d say things have moved from “guarded” to “elevated.”  Only problem is that the time in between each threat level, moving upwards, becomes increasingly smaller.  So before I know it I’ll be dealing with “high” and then “severe.”  Not surprisingly, like the Department of Homeland Security we’ll never actually get to “low,” and the longest-lasting phase, the one you tend to get “stuck” on, is “high.”

But, since it’s already half-past midnight on Wednesday and I’m tired and need sleep, instead of trying to flex my quill and write a masterpiece I’m instead going to post a video. I took the following a couple weeks ago when Sharaun was in Florida and Keaton and I were alone for an extended weekend.  I had just gotten into the 1981 Human League record Dare (after hearing that’s what Lester Bangs was listening to when he committed suicide) and had been wearing the grooves out of the thing (virtually, of course) all weekend.  Keaton began to pick up on the lyrics and started to really dig the first track.  She even developed her own dance to the song, which is what I taped here.  Her choice of 80s glasses was all solo, I didn’t foist them on her as a prop.  Check out the moves:

Someone call Soul Train.


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