flashlight bees

Flashlight bee.About twenty ’till eleven on Sunday night and I have had this “Add New Post” page open since before eight.  Still, though, nothing’s happening.  Same thing happened Thursday night, and so the blog was bereft of Friday writing.

So, I’m not really going to write tonight; I just stopped by to say this one thing:

Keaton calls fireflies “flashlight bees.”

I think that is the coolest name for a bug ever.  First of all, I’ve always thought the word “bees” is hilarious – kind of like the words “monkey” and “donkey,” just innately hilarious.  And, “flashlight bees” is such a wonderful example of the way children invent their own descriptive names and taxonomies for things.

It’s the small things that make me a happy father.

Flashlight bees.  Ha.

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