poor easter bunny

bunnycropA nice weekend, but (yes I know I always say it) too short a one to be sure.

Saturday morning I began a couple backyard projects I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now.  The first being the installation of some landscape lighting to both make the yard both a bit “prettier” and a little brighter as the Summer barbecues stretch on past dusk, the second being a set of outdoor speakers to provide a nice soundtrack for those same Summer barbecues.  I got about halfway done with each before it started to rain and I was placed in charge of Keaton so Sharaun could run some errands.  Sunday after church I resumed the work until the rain (which only seems to come on the weekends lately) drove me inside yet again.  Once the rain subsided I was able to finish both jobs as far as the materials I had on-hand would take me.  A good start, tho.

Saturday night Keaton stayed the night at her friend Matthew’s place (her first co-ed sleepover) so Sharaun and I could attend a wedding.  We didn’t even get back that late, so the sleepover bit may have been overkill – but word is she had a fantastic time, and having the house to ourselves the whole night was pretty neat.  Turns out Keaton had a blast; Matthew’s dad setup the tent in the living room, lit a fire in the fireplace, and the kids fell asleep watching a movie each in their own sleeping bag.  And us, returning to an empty house, were just a little sad to be missing our little girl.

After church this morning we went to lunch with some friends.  Keaton was being very three-years-old, not talking, not acknowledging folks when talked to, and just generally not listening.  One of our friends, in an attempt to draw her out of herself, asked her, “Keaton, is the Easter Bunny going to come to your house soon?”  “No,” Keaton answered.  “He’s not?!,” we all chimed, anxious to hear why, “How come?”  “Because he’s dead.”

Oh, we’ll then.  I guess he won’t be coming by.


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