north wind today

Cheap labor: The masterplan.North wind today; cut right through all the muscle and fat and blew ice right down to the bone.

It’s like God’s taunting us with Spring; even the trees are confused… boughfuls of pink and purple and white blooms all teased out by the warm week had last week.  And me, teased into thinking it’d be a good night to barbecue… then parried back inside by the chill of the 5pm shade.  I even forwent my usual freeze-out windows-down ride home from the gym… and I’m usually sweaty enough for any weather. In summary: A chilly, but sunny, day.

Today I bought another iPhone car charger. I didn’t, however, go to the AT&T or Apple store – I went instead to Ebay. On Ebay, I can purchase a charger for $2.45 shipped – from Hong Kong, no less. In-store the things cost between $20 and $30. I find it amazing, and more than just a bit hilarious, that there can be such a difference. I mean, really, after paying postage from China to California, materials, and labor – what could these Chinese folks actually be netting per charger? If it’s above a dollar, I’d be surprised.

Two dollars and forty-five cents though, that’s ridiculous. At that price, the thing is pretty much right near my inconsequential-cost threshold. Spare change; couch-cushion money; a pittance. I almost feel like, when things get that cheap, they should start growing on trees or sprouting from dirt – free for all to come along and take. You need a new iPhone charger, or a new memory card for your camera – just walk outside and look for the charger and SD plants that grow in the highway dividers… those things are like weeds.

Goodnight friends.  Wish me luck knocking out more than a couple blogs this week, OK?  OK.

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