monday AV club (sans V)

Happy Monday morning friends. Hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend, maybe took a lazy full-bellied nap or something.

Lemme catch you up on the weekend’s goings-on, something I normally don’t do. Friday night I made the conscious decision to not do anything, and I ended up with the place to myself until late – so when I crawled into bed I snagged Keaton from her crib to keep me company. Saturday morning Keaton and I went down to the church and did the Easter egg hunt (the prep for which was what kept Sharaun out late the night prior), and later that evening we had another party with friends (where dad ended up having a little too much to drink). Sunday we had Easter dinner with friends. It was a great weekend, and the weather was better than perfect.

Oh, and on Friday night I found out I can record snippets of sound with my phone and send them to myself over e-mail. So, I decided to record some audio of Keaton and I singing songs (which we happened to be doing at the time). I liked the results so much, I wanted to share them with you guys. (Turns out it was a good excuse to install a nifty audio-player plugin and retrofit all my audio-containing posts with it also, so, y’know, there was that nerd-attractive aspect to it too). And now, for your pleasure, sit back and enjoy the vocal styling of Miss Keaton:

Itsy Bitsy Spider [Trad. Arrangement; Excerpt]
Just the good ol’ version, but only the first round, mind you.

Itsy Bitsy Little Star In The Sky [Mashup]
Keaton sings us her favorite bits from her favorite two songs. I almost explode when I hear her say, “Llll-like a dyma in the ky! Little tar inna ky!” at the end. Sigh…

Rock-a-Bye Baby & “The Beatles”
I try to prompt her for more, and am not that successful. Every night I sing her the Beatles’ song, “I Will,” and that’s what I’m asking if she can sing for me (she knows the words, it’s her first song!). “The Beatles the Beatles the Beatles…,” ha!

Man, she’s really come a long way since her somewhat embarrassing American Idol audition at the tender age of six months, huh? (Sharaun has taken video of her singing all these songs too, it’s just a lot easier to edit together audio than it is video! Blame it on my lazy.)

Oh, and while going back through my old entries and converting audio links over to the new in-post player format, I stumbled on some good old-school entries I thought I’d drag up from the mire and link to today – y’know, just to round out the post.

First, I stumbled on this gem from 2005. I mention the year here because, in this case, it’s quite notable. See, for me, that post was written in the year 1PK. That’s right, just a mere six months before Sharaun and I would have Keaton (well, technically only Sharaun had her, in the verb sense… but we both have her now). The thing is, when I read that middle paragraph – the one where I bitch and moan about the woman narrating every single minute detail of her flight to her child – I cringed. Because, dear friends, this is exactly what Sharaun and I constantly do with Keaton. Granted, we don’t do it with our voices loud enough to be heard across town, but… still… cringe.

Second, I found the post where I linked to audio samples of a few of the prank phone calls my friends and I used to make and record back in high school. Good stuff, still makes me laugh after all these years, check it out here.

Lastly, the post where I almost offhandedly threw in a hilarious message we’d received on our answering machine, presumably by mistake. Good stuff there too.

Well then, I think that’s it. I did originally have a picture/video update planned for Keaton’s gallery (hence the amended entry title today), covering her 2nd birthday party and Easter, but I didn’t quite get it finished. So look for that sometime around mid-week or something. Until tomorrow then, goodnight.

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2 Replies to “monday AV club (sans V)”

  1. with the rapping, the sampling, and the complete refusal to sing the beatles, i’d say keaton’s a hip hop fan like her mommy.

  2. Yes, Sharaun is a hip hop fan. She even made up a rap song about a guy she liked in middle school. I still remember every word, and I bet she does too…. : )

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