Little pee splashed out and onto my left shoe at the airport.

Oh you think that’s disgusting? Sorry, my apologies but I can’t help you. Is a fact that, sometimes, a fine pee mist goes everywhere in addition to the urinal, and that’s when you’re being careful.

It’s the brown leather, so the the little specks will stand out like dark mahogany until they dry, which, thankfully, happens quickly. Right on the toe, a little spritzing of dark.

I notice the markings, and proceed to the sinks to wash up my hands. No soap though because this is really only for show, being honest. Run hands under water, dry.

Glance down again, still a visible pee misting. Darn. While folks are judging my outfit, if anyone looks at my shoes, which is highly unlikely, the jig is up. Dude pees on himself, definitely not depeche mode.

If I had just been outside I could play it off as walking through dewy grass or something, but nah, it’s pee. Could say it splashed while washing my hands, but let’s reserve that trick for more the conspicuous khaki splashback.

Walk it off, walk it off.

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