$100 easy dollars

Tuesday night on the internet and I’m writing right up until my 9:30pm call from Shanghai comes in.  I’ll take what time I can get.

In January of 2007 I decided to integrate some small Google ads into a couple of my more “highly-trafficked” websites, namely my blog and a now ridiculous-looking page I made back in highschool which I maintain partly because it’s got a decent pagerank, partly because it gets hits, and partly because it’s such a funny example of my 1995 webpagin’ skills.  Despite my meager readership and small search traffic, I figured some unobtrusive Google ads wouldn’t hurt – and I might even make a little money over time.

Once upon a time I used to check my progress, but slowly forgot I even had ads on the pages.  Last week I got a $100 payout from Google.  It took me three and three-quarter years to earn that $100, which is something like 2¢ per day.  (As an aside to that sentence, I always found it confusing that the dollars sign goes before a number and the cents sign goes after.  Just seems needlessly confusing.)  I guess that falls in line with my “might as well; might earn some money” attitude about the whole thing… but man that’s some sloooow earning.

I’m already looking forward to my next $100 (they only pay once you hit that mark) in July 2014.


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  1. Wow – I can’t believe you have a high school website! I don’t remember even having AOL until 1996 – my senior year!

    I have wondered about adding Google Ads to my blog… not that I really want to harass my readership (do I even have one? who knows…) but I’d love to get the occasional $100 check! 🙂

    1. Yup! Maybe I was an early adopter. Funny thing is, that $100 check motivated me to place my ads in a more conspicuous location (only on individual post pages), and my daily earnings have gone from $.02 to $.20 over the past week 🙂

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