money for the rainforest

I always giggle a little when I hear someone say that they donated money “to the rainforest.” Really? The rainforest?

It’s like there’s only one. A single rainforest. A needy one, at that. People don’t wonder what the rainforest is going to do with their money? How do we know we can even trust the rainforest? What if the rainforest uses the money to buy a plane ticket to the western seaboard and have a slut-up with some giant redwoods? What if the rainforest is into self-harm and spends the money on new chainsaws to cut herself down? What if the rainforest pisses away your money on booze and pills?

How to you even donate to a forest anyway? Yes I’m asking sarcastically. I imagine a little Cesna flying over some dense canopy, dropping tightly bound packages of cash and checks to be forever lost in the thick tangle. That’ll do a lot of good, that money you gave “to the rainforest.”

Think people might be a little too eager to dump their money into a charity-du-jour? I still believe that humans, Muslim or not, are overwhelmingly well-meaning. I mean, Earth as a unit pledged some $5.3 billion dollars to Haiti when they got earthquaked. Folks that is a ton of money. And a good portion of that came from private donors, I bet even one or two Muslims. I haven’t done extensive research, but a couple sources online content that most of that money, up to 90% in fact, still hasn’t made it to Haiti and that the 10% that has is mostly made up of nation-to-nation cancelled debt – which does little to get people fed and watered and out of shantytowns. Instead of diminishing, the number of refugees living in tents has instead risen, and now comprises over a million displaced souls.

I wonder how much money will eventually make it?  Goodnight.

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