what’s another twenty dollars?

Meaningless to rich folk like me.
Hey y’all, how’s it going? Sharaun said I was mumbling about Halloween props in my sleep last night, which kinda freaks me out…

What? The crank ghost’s motor burned out. I’ll just buy this wiper-motor. What’s another twenty dollars? Oh, I don’t have any leftover foam from last year to fill out the corpse’s body? I’ll swing by and pick up a couple at the Wal Marts. What’s another twenty dollars? Oh man, I forgot I’ll need a yellow light for the witch and a pack of eyehooks and screws. Big deal; another twenty dollars. I’m tired of another twenty dollars. I have a feeling I could’ve purchased a pre-built pneumatic coffin-popper and had it shipped to me in time for Halloween for about the same as I’ve spent so far on this year’s setup. Really, it’s shameful. I read online about all these folks doing their super-impressive projects on the cheap – but mine are always incrementally cost-insane. $20 here, $20 there… it adds up. Stupid Halloween – there’s no way I should be wasting money on this crap. But dang, do I love it or what?

I saw this list the other day: top 10 blog design mistakes; and was happy because sounds familiar actually passed on most of them. Sure, it’s some dude’s arbitrary list – but it’s a neat thing to talk about, right? I’ve got: an author bio (#1) (although it’s somewhat buried under a possibly misleading heading on the sidebar) and it’s got pictures of me (#2). I think my posting titles are pretty descriptive (#3), and creative to boot. And, while I do often use a hyperlinked “here” to point readers to more info, it’s usually prefaced by what and where the “here” is (#4). I completely violate #5, and I actually really like the idea. I think I’ll add a “Best Of” link to the sidebar with 5-10 of my favorite posts. I have category and calendar navigation (#6), post what I consider to be more often than most (#7), and write about all sorts of crap (#8). Now, #9 is tricky… because, for the most part, I completely pretend no one will ever judge me by what I’ve written here. Stupid, naive, whatever… I guess I break #9. And finally, I’ve had my domain for years now (#10). So, eight out of ten ain’t that bad, and after I get a “Best Of” implemented I’ll be at 90%. W00t.

Mike over at The View from Taiwan has an interesting, and super-long, post about the Formosa-bent blog-collective’s speculation about a pre-2008-Olympics invasion of Taiwan by China. If you enjoy military conjecture or the intricate dynamic that is China-Taiwan relations, it’s a good read. These kind of “what if” scenarios are really interesting to me, since, in my line of work, I work closely with folks in both China and Taiwan. It gets me thinking, the tech industry alone relies so much on the economies and employees in each of those countries – that a China-Taiwan conflict would be a catastrophic disruption to businesses all over the world. Yes, I’m putting aside the of-course-more-important humanitarian impacts of war right now, we all know human life is the #1 concern; it’s just that the economic implications are interesting to speculate on as well. Say for instance that Taipei fell to China, and the whole workforce I deal with there was suddenly displaced – the size of the wrench that would throw into the works is almost incomprehensible. Not to mention the whole grey area of US involvement in such a conflict – and the implications of business during/after.

I’m done, bored with writing. Goodnight.

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