what was in my yard

Before work this morning, as is my routine in these pre-Halloween weeks, I went outside to take the props off of “night” mode (which is a no-motor, high-light mode aimed at theft deterrent). Upon opening the door and stepping onto the porch this morning, however, I was shocked to see something foreign amongst the foam tombstones marking faux plots on my lawn.

My shocked sucking of breath made one of those airy whistling sounds as I instantly began shaking my head and exclaimed, “Oh… oh my God.” Sharaun, in the kitchen stirring the milk and Splenda into her first cup of morning coffee, must’ve heard me and immediately assumed we had once again been victims of Halloween thieves. “What now!?,” she bellowed from the kitchen, with just a hint of exasperation in her voice; after all, being robbed twice would tend to get a fella down. “You’ve got to come out here now,” I say, punctuating the sentence with giggles. Noting from my tone that this was likely no common robbery, she started towards the door. “Get the camera,” I requested, as I moved in for a closer look.

Once I realized what it was, staked there into my yard and towering above me by a good two feet, I immediately knew who’d done it. I left the thing up long enough only to appreciate its humor and take a couple pictures, then I immediately removed the installation and promptly took it inside. I told Sharaun to call my prime suspects, and in short order the whole thing was admitted. With the culprits outed, I arrived at work and was urged to check my pharaohweb.com e-mail. I did, and found a cryptic mail with a ZIP archive of pictures. And, if you follow the link below, you’ll be able to experience this whole thing much as I did – and you’ll understand exactly what I’m on about.

Click here to see what I found in my yard.

Top work, lads and ladies. I applaud you and am flattered by the effort.


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