maybe i should invent a machine

Hi internet.  I took a break latter half of last week and I deserved it; did me well.

Sunday the weather turned cold and wet here in Northern California.  It was, by me, welcomed.  Even into last week we had temperatures in the 80s and it just didn’t feel like October.  When the rain came today it pushed a summer’s worth of dust and dirt down from the gutters, spitting out a foamy mess.  Maybe it’s the 100th time I’ve said this, but it’s always amazing to me how strongly things like weather and songs and smells can bring back memories.  Combine one or two or even three of those things and I swear you could create as immersive an alternate reality as is possible.  Maybe I should invent a machine.

I’ve started turning off work e-mail on the phone over the weekends.  This is my second weekend without.  I have to say it makes a dramatic difference.  Not reading that one thread which will start Monday morning’s rolling snowball of a complicated task means not dreading the coming of Monday morning; means not having to fight the pull to log on and dispatch a preemptive answer; means not getting sucked into a discourse and being derailed from time with family.  It may seem silly that I have to turn off the feature to get away… but when it’s on it’s just so easy and so right-there.  It’s hard to not look when the thing clicks at you, announcing a new thread about Q4 budget or receive-side adaptive equalization.

I’m sitting in the living room now, listening to this out-of-nowhere record Forget by some dude who calls himself Twin Shadow.  Egad is it good.  It’s like a guy was frozen in the 80s and woke up to  make a totally rad anachronism.  Even Sharaun is kinda jamming to it.


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