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Never heard of ? and the Mysterians???

Well, the group name might not sound too familiar - but the song should. ? and the Mysterians were the authors of that great 60's two chord mega-hit "96 Tears." Remember now? Well, you should. Flip through any number of "golden oldies" stations today and your bound to hear this song at least once in every twenty-four hour period. It's a radio staple. It goes over especially well on those request and dedication shows. Plenty of lovers scorned I suppose. Well, now that you've been re-acquainted with the group - we get down to the point.

The fact that this group has been passed by, it's a "crying" shame - excuse the pun. Of course "96 Tears" made them famous, and the radio and general public remember that song quite well. However, have any of you actually ever tried to own a copy of this song yourself?? Good luck! That and various other things are the reason for this page. Firstly, to give this group the notoriety that they deserve, and to address the lack of this recording for public ownership. If you read on, you will find what I hope to someday make the most complete and thorough page dedicated to this sorely under appreciated group on the web.

So, explore for yourself. Use the site navigation keywords located at the top of each page to make your way through the site. I hope you enjoy it!

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