that weather where it feels like you’re floating

The past few days Sharaun has been gone on her girl’s trip.  I’ve taken to calling it a “girl’s trip” because it sounds much better than saying “New Kids on the Block cruise,” which just sounds sad and embarrassing.  Regardless, that means it’s been kids & dad back here on the roadtrip.  

For our dad-days I decided to go spend a few nights visiting a friend who’s also currently taking a break from his career to work at a winery in Napa Valley.  He’s got a little triplex walking distance from downtown Napa and wide enough streets that we had ample room to “camp” right beside his place.  

We rolled in on Thursday afternoon around 3pm and only after my usual somewhat manic focus on leveling the rig and getting settled in our spot did I notice just how amazing a day it was.  The sun was shining, the sky was a cloudless blue, and the temperature was that perfect temperature where there seems to be zero differential between the body’s natural temperature and the outside air – where it almost gives you this feeling of floating… or being perfectly matched with your environs.  

We decided (OK I decided but the kids ended up being willing enough) to take a walk into downtown Napa.  Google navigated us through the neighborhood on a ~20min easy walk.  Over the next few hours we had appetizers and beers (dad only) at a couple gorgeous outdoor spots & then got some ice cream before walking back home as dusk settled in.   

During our walks there and back we talked about the various houses we passed along the way.  Which ones we’d like to live in, what we’d change if we did live in them, which ones might be the best to trick-or-treat at come Halloween.  At dinner we talked about our favorite parts of the trip so far and what we’re looking forward to coming up.   

Both kids were well behaved and we were all invested in just hanging out.  It was a wonderful time where I could just sit and talk and connect with the kids, and will, I think, be a particularly memorable bit of the trip. 

That said, I am eager to have Sharaun back.

Peace & hugs.

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