just wanted a burrito


Left the house to head to Chipotle; Sharaun wanted a burrito.

I’d stayed home from work today to help around the house because she’s sick.  I did laundry, vacuumed, the dishes, tidied, fed and played with Keaton.  All so she could rest and, with luck, recuperate for our trip to Disneyland this weekend.  We were both hungry, burritos sounded good, and I took it as a good sign she had an appetite for the first time that day.

Five minutes from the house I had to make a quick stop as the line of cars in front of me stopped at the light kinda snuck up on me.  I was able to stop, but was closer to the car in front of me than I’d like to be.  Without time to even blink, the car behind me slammed into me; hard.  I felt my head jolt back and then forward again as the force of the impact pushed me into the car in front of me.  Two big bangs and it was all over.

After we all pulled off to the shoulder and figured out everyone was OK, I checked the damage.  Oh man.  The brand new car that Obama bought us… all jammed up and busted.  Such a sad sight to see.  It actually still opens and closes, and, apparently, the car drives OK.  But, I’m a bit loath to take it down to LA tomorrow anyway.  Looks like we’ll be packed into Sharaun’s car instead.

And man… my neck hurts.  Hope it’s OK for Space Mountain by Friday.


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  1. Poor car. At least its still drivable. My car ended up being totalled after being rear-ended (SUV vs compact is not a fair match-up). The damage doesn’t look that bad on yours. I hope Sharaun was still able to get her burrito. 🙂

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