as busy as i want it to be


Hey guys thanks for commenting.  I love when you comment; I truly do.

Tuesday was another jam-packed day.  If it wasn’t work, it was something outside work.  Sometimes I feel like, being counted among the comparatively (on a global scale) wealthy American middle class means we have just enough freedom-to-move in our lives that we end up smashing too much in.  Between our professional obligations and leisure or recreation, we often smoosh so much into our days that we don’t take enough time to reflect.  Worse, much of what we cram into one go-round of the clock is of little consequence.

Sometimes, when each day feels bookended by sleeping and waking alone, with not a moment’s breath to spare in between, I find myself craving a respite.  It’s then that I fix my sights on some future even and start thinking of it as the “finish line.”  The whole, “Oh, I can’t wait until Christmas; then I’ll finally be able to relax” thing.  I guess it’s a very human thing to do, but sometimes it’s a bit delusional.  There’s no real “finish line,” I just need to make time, prioritize, and take care of what’s most important.  Each day can be as busy as I want it to be.

But, failing actualization around that idea… I am indeed looking forward to Thursday this week.  Why?  Because after work that day, we make the drive down south for weekend at Disneyland. I get in free a’cause of my birthday, and we’re spending two full days at the park – this time with some good friends and their kids for company.  So this week, Thursday is my finish line.  And if I can only keep pace until 5pm on that day… everything’ll be alright.

Everything’ll be alright.  Goodnight.

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