nothing else for miles

Flew today.

Short flight but early in the morning the fog sticks low in the hollows, looks like bowls of clouds from above.  It looked so amazing from above I wanted to turn on my phone and tag the location with my GPS so I could come back one day.  I imagine camping right in the dead middle of it.  Trekking across the furrowed earth until I hunker down right on those coordinates so I can wake up in the morning amidst the thick of it.

It really was in the middle of nowhere; I could see some meandering fire roads and foot trails but there was nothing else for miles.  I so wanted to be down inside those puddles of cloud, waking up dead-alone, all sound muffled and muted and the air thick with moisture.  I thought about cooking myself some breakfast while the sun tried to reach me, about maybe hiking to the rim of the surrounding hills before the fog lifted so I could look down and not see my own campsite.  Maybe eat lunch up there, look for planes flying over.

Then I got to work.  No clouds at work.  Just work at work.  Goodnight.

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