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Another hump-day.  Right now I’m simply counting down until my folks get here.  I’m actually not taking any “true” vacation while they’re in town, but I have high hopes that work’ll be light enough that I can phone it in for a good portion of the time.  End of year is typically quiet, so cross your fingers for me.  OK, go.

A couple of bloggers I read regularly lately wrote nice little bits about what they termed “Christmas tradition.”  I found their timing (while ultimately probably predictable, taking into account the season) quite, well, timely.  See, Sharaun and I had decided that, with Keaton nearing an astounding three years old (proof, in my opinion, that time is a cruel, cruel thing), it’s time we started a Christmas tradition that’s based around our little family.

Mostly this just means that we’re going to try and do Christmas at our home and not travel each year.  It was a hard choice, as we both love being with extended family – holidays or not – but I think it’s a good choice.  Now, neither of us is opposed to traveling on occasion, but for the general case I think we’re going to start doing Christmas at-home.  Of course, family can come to us – that would be great – and, in fact, this year my folks are going to celebrate Christmas at our house, which will, I think, be the first time since way back in college I’ll have been able to wake up on Christmas morning with them there (neat).  But, again, an at-home Christmas as a family is something I feel is important, and that’s the real goal here.

So, Sharaun’s been in charge of getting us some family-type Christmas traditions.  Sounds funny to say we’re “creating” or “starting” tradition – but, really, what else is it?  A young family with no history of the time together and a need to inject something static to build memories and enjoy the occasion.  I’m not really sure what she’s got planned, and we are in fact marching closer and closer to the holiday with nothing established as-yet.

To be fair, we did just get back from our Thanksgiving vacation late last week, and our tree is still in some 25%-done state due to busy evenings and busier days (boxes and Christmas flotsam currently litter our living room, and, as much as I love the holiday, the mess is killing me).  We hope to have things up and cleaned by the weekend – but who knows; things need to at least be in cheery Christmas order by the time my folks arrive, I say.  And, if we’re diligent, we should be working on establishing some Christmas rigor for the family to boot.  Let’s hope.

Anyway, I think it’s interesting to hear bloggers of a similar age and family-status mulling the same things.  Perhaps there’s hope for our generation after all, and maybe we won’t end up a bunch of MTV and reality-TV –suckled ne’re-do-wells.

Nothing more today, I’m out.  Goodnigh.t

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