the sleepless workdrink blur

Loosey Goosey.

Last full day in Taiwan dawned rainy and gray again.

I set the alarm for 6am, which turned out to be about an hour earlier than I really needed to roust and ready myself.  For some reason though, instead of going back to bed I grabbed my book and read for a while in Pat’s living room.  I should have gone back to bed; the previous night’s soirée didn’t wrap up with me on the doorstep until fairly late.  OK… not Taiwan-late, by any means, but US-late for sure.  Anyway, sleep is rare commodity in Asia… I’ll take what I can get.

The driver comes by the apartment tomorrow ’round 8am to take me to the airport.  The thing about doing the Asia-to-America route is that you effectively go back in time over the course of the seemingly infinitely-long air trip.  Not this time for me, as United took away the direct Taipei-to-San Francisco flight and you have to make a stopover in Tokyo.  It’s OK; I know the terminal there and there’s a place that has some good curry noodles with this spicy pork.  The wireless elusive, but there’s a payphone I can call Sharaun from and the chairs are three-long before a divider bar so you can do a full kicked-back relax mode.

When I called Sharaun on the walk to work this morning, she let Keaton answer the phone with a huge, “Hi Daddy!!”  Oh, such a heartwarming phrase!  Almost brings a tear to the eye when you hear it!  My conversation was mostly with her instead of Sharaun, which was fine by me by far.  She was watching Dora, and wondered what I was doing (“Walking to work in the rain,” I said).  She was also excited that I’d be home soon (although my feeling of “soon” when applied to leaving is a little skewed compared to their feeling of “soon” when applied to my arrival), and told me she’d come with Mommy to get me at the airport.  Nonetheless, it was good to talk to both of them.

I know I have three paragraphs here and precious little actually said, at least that I’ve not said already this week, but I think I’m satisfied.

Talk to you next week back in the good old US-of-A.  Goodnight.

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