better late than never

Late is better than just writing.

Back from the other side of the Earth (if this side is your side, leastways), and not long here before we have to hit the road again this weekend for the Thanksgiving week in Florida.

Yeah, our trip to Florida. Turns out there as some fairly major complications with our itinerary. Apparently, the communication wires got crossed and Sharaun’s family thought we were set to arrive on Friday, whereas we’ve always been scheduled to come in Saturday. Unfortunately, with them thinking we’d be there a day earlier, her brother and newly-wed sister-in-law had scheduled a fancy late reception bash for their wedding earlier this year – inviting all the family and basically scheduling it around our visit home. Thing is, they scheduled it for Saturday evening at 6pm and our flight doesn’t get in until Saturday evening at 6pm. Since the airport is about an hour from where the party will be going down, this means that, even if we can find a ride (all the family will be at the reception), we’ll be at least an hour and a half late. Sigh…

This news really has Sharaun bummed. Like… really, really bummed. I can understand why, I mean the whole crew thinks we’ll be there and now we won’t. It was only Saturday night that the issue dawned on us, reviewing arrival times and dates. I did my best to look for a way out, or around, the problem. We called the airline but our tickets aren’t “full fare” (when you pay two grand to go anywhere in the continental US, I’d argue that should, by default, be considered “full fare”) and are completely not refundable or transferable. Just for the luxury of changing them we’d be socked with a $450 charge, not to mention any difference in fare to the new tickets – and, of course, everything available for Thanksgiving week at this point is more than dear. We looked for other flights we could take and just “skip out” on the outbound part of our round trip, but the airline assured us they’d cancel us out of the return trip if we tried.

So, after all the trying, it looks like we’re stuck. I mean, maybe we’ll be able to get there late… and maybe folks’ll still be around… and maybe it won’t be that bad… but I know it’s really under Sharaun’s skin and I don’t blame her. Stupid airlines really are stacked against the consumer, in my opinion. And after all the dough I’ve poured into them going home and elsewhere around the globe. Better late than never, in the end though.

And, maybe not quite on par with Sharaun’s frustration about the reception mixup is my own frustration over our spotty time at home since Mexico. I mean, not that I can really complain, since the time has been (and will continue to be) broken up by all sorts of fun things – but having onesy-twosey days at home here and there between travels is really detrimental to “getting things done.” Just not enough time to finish fixing the things I need to fix… and it frustrates me to continually come home to undone work. Again, no room to complain in honesty… but it’s been busy enough lately that it’s just gotten to me. Just too much unfinished. Even this week before we leave, every night is booked with something or other and any time I could’ve used to tool around the house is already pre-assigned to something else. So it goes.

OK, enough whining. I’ll have to save the cheer for another entry though, ’cause I’m done for tonight. Until tomorrow, love ya.

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