just wanted to write

24° this morning in the border town of El Paso. The RV was a champ, preserving us, keeping us warm and cozy in a little bubble parked in the back lot at a Cabela’s off I-10. Not glamorous, but certainly functional.

Stopped here to get the mail which our friends had shipped to us general delivery, but arrived Sunday completely forgetting Monday was a federal holiday so had to squat in town for another night. Spent the unplanned day catching up on errands and shopping.

After grabbing the mail we’ll make tracks onto Guadalupe Mountains National Park, where we’ll settle for a few days and also visit nearby Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Did my best to not discount the past 36hrs “stuck” in El Paso as lost time. Hard for me, tho, with my whole needing to get or be somewhere. I’ll admit I’ll feel good getting back into the wilderness later this afternoon.

That’s it, just wanted to write.

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