when moths attack

Chugga-chugga woo-woo.
The other day, Ben mentioned that he’d downloaded the new version of Winamp, and that it had several “Internet TV” stations available… streaming all sorts of video content. He also told me that there appeared to be a plethora of porn stations being freely streamed. The video thing in general sounded cool, so I decided to check it out. Sure enough, there was a lot of porn. Now, I’m no porn-addict, but curious to see what freely streamed porn looked like, I browsed through a couple “channels.” Only then did I realize that I was using Winamp to “investigate” this porn, and remember that I’d installed a plugin for this page that displays what I’m listening to in Winamp. I wondered… open IE, browse to the blog, oh crap. Right there in the “currently hearing” section of the sidebar is an impressive list of porn-sounding names, the stream names even identify them as videos – so there was no mistaking that I was indeed checking out porn rather than simply listening to songs with porn-sounding names. Ugh. Thanks a lot Ben.

I guess the idiot award today goes to this guy here in CA who, in an attempt to take his own life, stopped his truck on the commuter train tracks. Then, in a last-minute moment of revelation, decided he wanted to live – and up and left his truck on the track. Train smacks truck, crashes up hard, and nearly a dozen people die. Now the I-wanna-die-wait-no-I-don’t dude faces the death penalty, which is hilarious to me… since it’s what the fool wanted in the first place. Next time, consider a less killin’-ohter-people way of taking your life, especially if you think you might reconsider at the last second. On the reals though, poor dude must be pretty mentally messed up by now… as if he wasn’t already.

Most of the people I work with in Taiwan are here this week for some on-site training. Yesterday I walked over to the conference room they were all in to say “Hi.” As soon as I crossed the threshold, I was brutally assaulted by the smell of naphthalene. Y’know, mothballs? What is it with Chinese people and mothballs? I love my Asian brothers, and have had some great times hanging out and working with them – but, much to the disappointment of my nose, they love them some mothballs. I’m sure, to them, Americans all reek of Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese or SUV or something. From the olfactory potency, they must’ve packed ’em in their suitcases or something.

Then I guess that’s it… I have nothing more. A week of tiny entries I guess. Nite.

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  1. Why must you pin the “porn” bit on me Dave? I merely mentioned you could stream all kinds of audio and video on the new Winamp. Quality programming like 3WK Underground Radio and hours of Futurama. As an aside, I offered that there may be some adult content on there too – so watch out! It is now clear to me that you downloaded this new version with the intent to view said “porn”. Shame on you.

    Your moral guide,

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