disrobe for peace

Bazooka time.
There’s something so awesome about stripping off the days clothes and trading them in for something looser and shoeless. Sometimes it’s the only thing I wanna do when I get home… pull off the shoes and socks, yank the outer shirt over the head, and swap the boxer-twisting jeans for some non-binding shorts. Perfect not-goin’-out wear for… not going out.

CNN ran an awesome story as their lead item late today (yeah, I’m back to trying to write at night). It was on the upcoming Iraqi election, and my favorite quote was, “Although most say they don’t know who the candidates are or where to go to vote, they say they will vote come January 30…” Yeah? They don’t know where to vote, but they will vote? Assuming they can wander the vast deserts of Iraq long enough to find the hidden, unpublicized, polling places… they don’t even know who they’re voting for… why vote? I know why… because they believe in the salvation that is democracy, that’s why.

One of the stats I like to keep track of how “saturated” the search engines are with regards to my blog; meaning, out of the total number of pages that make up my blog, how many have been spidered and indexed by search engines. Last night, Google must have done a huge update… and my saturation jumped from a previously semi-stagnant ~25% to a respectable 65%. It’s amazing what that jump translates to in terms of referrer stats. Google is now sending three people my way for every one it did before. It could be good for readership, but it’s also an even more fragrant flower to the spam bees. Stupid spam bees.

I sat here for 15min trying to come up with more to write, but I guess sometimes just going with what you have is the best strategy. With that in mind, I’ma press “Publish” and post these couple measly paragraphs. Goodnight.

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