It’s time to get the sourdough starter going again.

I maintained it during our year on the road, and retired it when we got to FL permanently. I started a new one at the beginning of COVID quarantine, when things were the most scary and we stayed shut-up and isolated at home most religiously. I retired that when things got crazy last year with the startup business; just wasn’t maintaining nor using it enough to justify keeping it around.

Now that the startup is dying (lord, that’s a whole other thing I’m not even sure I’m ready to write about, but eventually want to, for future me, before it gets too foggy), I figure I have the time to get it going again and give it the love required.

It’s day two and I’ve already got a lot of nice activity in the crock. Florida weather is like having a big proofing box, so I think we get a little acceleration boost. Even with regular bleached flour and tap water I get a nice culture going barely 36hrs into the routine. I’ll be ready to bake my first loaf from this starter this weekend, I’d guess.

Having the free-time to tend-to a starter and make fresh bread is a good indicator of my overall stress level. Hot loaves a couple times a week means I’m doing pretty darn well. I’m also probably reading more, writing more, helping the kids with homework and overall just well-attuned to family goings-on.


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