i’m eating what now?

Ersatz butter: oleo.
Last night I did it. I went out and bought all the crazy junk you need to make homemade cookies. I got stuff like flour and salt and baking soda. I forgot the cream of tartar, but that’s ok because my recipe didn’t call for it. I still kinda want to have it just to say I do though. Anyway, I went about baking my first cookies ever. I whipped up some dough with the ingredients, mixed it all together, and formed some cookies. They were all right, but for some reason the chocolate chips didn’t want to mix with the dough – and they turned out kinda salty. I don’t know why, I used all the right amounts? but they still turned out salty. I’ll eat ’em tho, the recipe made like sixty freakin’ cookies.

During the whole cooking process, I got curious about another bit of food trivia. Namely, what is margarine? What is it made from, and why and when did it become more prevalent than real butter? To Google I turned, and found out that margarine actually has a kinda interesting history. I know food-facts are boring, but I’ve become increasingly curious about just where the stuff I eat comes from of late. I suppose, in the back of my mind somewhere, I’m preparing for my eventual shipwreck and being stranded on an island where I have to fend for myself. Then at least I’ll know how to make some margarine and stuff. Anyway, it’s good to know stuff. People think you’re smart when you know stuff.

Been listening to two new albums of note lately: Lesser Matters by Radio Dept., and the new one from Iron & Wine, Our Endless Numbered Days. At first the Iron & Wine album put me off, but after a few more listens I’ve come to like it a lot. It’s an early leak, some two months prior to street. Both of them are a little more “subdued” and quiet, but it suits the rainy winter weather and mood well. Good to have new tunes.

That’s it. Dave out.

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