ears down

Maine wins the “least cellphone reception in USA” award, for sure. It also ties with Louisiana for worst roads. Lovely, though… miles of untainted beauty. Too bad it’s under snow most of the year.

You ever wonder what signs and portents really are? Just simple confirmation bias? I’m sure there’s a doctoral thesis somewhere I could look up that’d give me the psychology or neurology of it, but it’s maybe more fun to imagine that the clouds are taking the shapes of the answers to all my questions.

Portents, though… if I went in for that stuff this trip would be rich with them. Things I read, people I meet, trees and mountains and water I stare into… the universe is on my wavelength, or I its, and we’re, like, communicating, man… And, it’s one thing for the air to tingle with personal messages for me…

… but it’s another thing entirely to listen.

That, dear friends, feels crazy.

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