west is the rest

Well, today is the day.

In a few hours from now, I’ll drain this coffee mug for the second time and we’ll drive away from Cobscook Bay State Park in Maine. And, if you know anything about downeast Maine geography, or US geography, for that matter, you’ll know that we really only have two of four cardinal directions available to move in.

Sure, we could go north into Canada, but that’s still a few days now. We could head back south, too. But no… today is the day we aim west and keep going… all our movement from this day forward starts with a capital W: W, WNW, WSW. Today is what I’ve been calling “the big turn.”

I’ve slacked on writing, I know. We had guests twice in the RV, people who flew out to stay with us for a week each. It was an excellent time both times but I wanted to be present and my normal morning constitutional time wasn’t as readily available. I think that’s why the writing took a hit.

Or maybe it’s this: I’m scared to go back and it’s all I want to write about, and not write about.

Not physically or geographically back. Worldview back, me-time back, wage-slave back. I’m still the same guy, just more potently so, having been distilled over the course of this trip, casting off the cruft that I’d invited to settle. Going back; regressing to ten hours days, corporate grade levels and titles… I finally just cast that chaff to the wind.

But keeping going is part of the process, the road has more refining yet for me, I think. Like I said before, moving in a particular direction doesn’t necessarily mean ending up at a particular place.


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