even my balls are tired

Mmmm…. glurp… ssshhlppp… ulmg…

Delirious. 12:30am and working again. Finished #1 of two presentations which must go out tonight. So far this week, haven’t had time to work much on the materials for my big conference. I present next week, but I have no time during the days to get it done. So it festers, unfinished. Tomorrow has to be the day… I have to destroy it. I shouldn’t say that I’m not working on it, I’ve had meetings every day this week with key contributors – going over speaking points, getting source material from which to draw, and trying to educate myself. But it’s not 100%, and that’s what I’d like being this close to presentation-day (Tuesday, if you’re curious, 8am sharp). On top of it all, my laptop problems from last night got worse today – and around 4pm the thing just gave up. So, I’m laptop-less. Luckily, I got worried and did a last-minute backup of my critical files to a portable hard drive I keep at work. So tonight, I’m working off that. Only problem, my PC is now entirely open-source and OpenOffice.org’s PowerPoint editing is all different from MS’ – and I have no time to learn it. So, I’m using the real-deal MSOffice on Sharaun’s PC.

So, why am I writing, you ask? I need a break. Be it just 15min, whatever it takes to write a short entry. I need a break from thinking about crap. I’m tired, and I’m hot, and I’m once again frustrated. I’ve been trying to cheer myself up by listening to new music – hoping there’s an inspirational ray of light in there. I’ve been sticking mostly to some deep-catalog classic rock albums I’ve got over the past few months, trying to get better associated with some of the b-side gems that I’ve never heard before. Good stuff, but my ears aren’t really in prime listening mode. Now it’s my music? What else will be blurred into work? Can’t I have anything to myself anymore? The other night, while masturbating, I happened to look over and was shocked to see my left hand typing out e-mails… I know, I was as surprised as you likely are! Who even knew left hands were good for stuff?

Today it rained. I thought we were through with the rainy days, but I was apparently wrong. The sound of it woke me up around 4am, and I noticed Sharaun was awake. “Is it raining?” I asked, a little unbelieving. “Yes,” she replied, “and your snoring is keeping me awake.” “Too bad, get over it,” I grunt out of sleep-rudeness and roll back over. It rained all day, I think… I don’t really know because I didn’t leave the building between 8am and 7pm… but I can tell you it was raining at both those times. I actually kind of liked the rain, I always like to hear it at night.

Goodnight, I’m spent.

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