beach day

More than warm, without the breeze I’d probably even say it’s hot.

The kids and I (Mom is away at a girlfriend’s 40th) took an easy fifteen minute bike ride down to the beach. Without Mom around to help tote beach gear we were undermanned and had to get creative in lading my bike like a pack mule.

We’re all setup though, and I like to think the haze on the horizon is me being able to see the end of Long Island across the Sound. It’s not, and I can’t, but I like trying to understand the geography of the places we go, so much is unfamiliar to me.

Sharaun’s mom is flying out to join us for a week on Monday. She’ll be a part of the road trip through New Hampshire and Vermont, and I’m quite excited for her to see just how we get along day to day. I’ve taken a little extra care to pick scenic routes and fabulous looking stops, hoping she gets a positive experience.

Back to my book then. Kisses.

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