It’s raining outside.

I’m outside.

Under the RV’s awning. Wearing a sweatshirt and long pants and socks on unshod feet because a chill came up when the clouds decided to loose. It was warm and sunny all morning, I changed from shorts and a t-shirt and un-socked feet. Feel better now, warmer.

Wilco is on.

I love being outside in, but also sheltered from, the rain. Thwarting its designs to get me wet, living my life right out in it. It’s particularly enjoyable tucked up against the RV under the awning. There’s this curtain of rain on three sides, but I’m untouchable. Wasn’t in the forecast, but I’m enjoying it.

Elvis Costello has shuffled up now.

Rhode Island is apparently fiercely anti-alcohol… can’t buy anything anywhere but specialized liquor stores and possession is grounds for eviction from all state parks. It’s on the signage and in the paperwork and stamped in fresh ink on the receipt, in case you somehow missed it twice. I’m drinking a beer.

Grateful Dead now, Fall tour 1980.

We’re making steaks tonight. RV pantry is less stocked than a home so we improvised a marinade I’m quite excited about. Cohen’s going to help cook, also excited about that. Will pair it with fried “Grammy potatoes” and asparagus.

Rain still coming down, Dead still playing.


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