Getting there vs. being there.

Leaving from vs. going to.

I have issues with these distinctions.

Most often, I just want to be there, and completely miss the getting there. It’s behavior I find difficult to change even on this trip, which is literally designed to make the getting there the there. Yet I struggle still. In fact even when the there is nowhere near as interesting as the getting there, I’ll still rush and, upon arriving early, wonder why.

Similarly, I tend to think of transitions primarily as endings as opposed to beginnings. I feel, however, that this over-seasons things in terms of loss or setback versus renewal or adventure, and thus tends to make me avoid change. If I could at least be balanced, knowing that all transition is both loss and growth, I think I’d be better for it.

Worse, I have this sneaking suspicion that life is a constant state of transition and is always getting there versus ever being anywhere…

Let’s not squander.


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