hey work, see ya in july

Holy crap internet peoples.  Today is the day.  At 5pm today I’ll be done with work for seven weeks.  Seven weeks!

I can scarcely comprehend it at this point.  It still doesn’t feel real.  I went out for beers with a friend tonight, we needed to catch-up, been too long.  We had a few drinks and talked about things and now I’m back home listening to Sonic Youth’s “Teenage Riot” on repeat.  A masterpiece of early indie which emotes perfectly where I’m at right now.  Seven weeks! Today the RV place called me to let me know they were “readying” our coach; cleaning, preparing, tuning.  It was just another sign; an earthquake or a plague of locusts or the seas turned red as blood.  The tip is nigh!  Noah knew, so can you!

What’s more, around 1pm today I stopped what I was doing at work and took stock for minute to realize… I was done.  My mile-long list, my ambitious pre-trip to-dos, everything: finished.  All done one day early.  A whole day to spare.  A giddy feeling overcame me as I realized that I’d done it – I’d bested almost all of the guilt over leaving by getting things done and readied and left in the best state possible for my absence.  As we shirts at the sawmill are fond of saying, I did my “due diligence.”  And I was proud.  Proud that I didn’t short-time the whole thing, proud that I gave my best until the last, proud that I wasn’t “abandoning” things without at least giving them a push in the right direction.

We pickup the vehicle Friday morning.  Our friends are throwing us a farewell fête that same evening which I am very much looking forward to, and am planning to actually drive the RV to.  Saturday is pack-up the vehicle day.  The plan for Sunday, departure day, is to drive the thing to church for early service and then actually hit the road immediately afterward.  From God’s parking lot then, it begins with just one step.  I am nervous and excited and thrilled to have enough time away from work to truly forget and disconnect.  That… that I am looking forward to.

Enough three-beer writing… it never looks as good in the morning anyway.

Goodnight folks and goodbye work.

Next blog here should be from the road… Keaton’s blog will be updated before that.

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  1. Now you stand on the precipice of anticipation, looking down over all the pristine opportunity and boundless potential, untrammeled by the reality of choosing, doing and the uncertainty of paths not taken. From the perfect distance of the peaks we dream, but to live we must venture into the chasm. Head for the valleys, Davii! Have a great adventure!

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