Hey hey hey, we’re back.

Excuse my two-day absence, it’s been a busy transition back to US time and goings-on. Not to mention that by the time this posts I’ll be sleeping in anticipation of another trip. So, I’m not sure what the rest of the week will look like, entry-wise… since I think most of my days will be consumed with this seminar thing. Made it back today to a constipated TiVo, overflowing catbox, two-week un-mowed lawn, and the prospect of a day’s rest in my own bed before hitting the friendly skies once again. Despite being bummed about the short-livedness of it, it really feels good to be back.

Right before I left Taiwan, I downloaded the new Architecture in Helsinki album. PF raved it up, but I had my doubts since downloading their last effort on recommendation, and feeling it was only so-so. Sitting in the terminal in Tokyo, I updated my cellphone with the latest tunes, including the new Arch album. The first real time I listened to it was speeding through the sky somewhere off the coast of Japan, and even though the whir of jet engines obscured the minutae a bit – I could tell this was different than the last LP. The band must have gone to a week-long “Making Your Music More Awesome” seminar or something – too bad Weezer couldn’t scrape enough cash together to attend, damn shame that one. If you’re in the mood for some random, hectic, and at times circus-ish whimsy tunes sung in classic indie-male falsetto – you gotta pick up this album. You can preview a track here, courtesy of me.

Wednesday at work was rough. Tuesday’s sleep was fitful and superficially restful at best, as I sort of had to force myself down. The morning started off OK, I seemed rested enough, but after lunch my body fought hard for sleep. Work was busy though, and kept me paced well enough to keep my eyes open for the afternoon. Work has been… different… of late. I’ve somehow stumbled into both increased responsibility coupled with increased autonomy. I guess the two do logically go somewhat hand-in-hand, but the sudden increase of both caught me a bit unprepared. It’s not that I’ve failed, or am failing, it’s just that I’ve been having to adapt faster than normal to change, since the change is happening faster than usual. So, I find I’m having to keep a tighter reign on myself than I previously had – laying out more structured groundwork and setting and keeping better goals. I’ve always been an adherent to the “just do it” mentality when it comes to work, and tend to not formalize things too much into processes and milestones. But, as things pile up, processes and milestones are becoming less and less avoidable, and are, in fact, becoming almost requisite for success. Less because I need the process and mechanics of goals as formal guidelines, but more so because I just freakin’ let things fall off the plate if I don’t have some organizational way to categorize and approach them.

Dude, this is bringing back more 6th grade memories than I can even describe.

I’m going to bed.

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