Cheek, tongue.  Tongue, cheek.
Say, can I have some of your Taiwanese food?
Yes I’ve been eating it, two or three weeks now, haven’t got sick once,
That should keep us both alive.

This green island has become a fantasy-world to me, my life here being decidedly surreal.

So tomorrow morning it is. Packing the bags tonight for the journey home. Sharaun really digs Taipei, and I couldn’t be happier. I was a little worried that maybe she wouldn’t like the food, but she jumped right in and ate duck stomach and sea snail right along with me. We had a great time doing some sightseeing and hanging out with the bar staff. She experienced nearly all my usual Taiwan experiences: KTV, binge-eating, betel nut trying, Taipei 101, life at the bar, royal hotel treatment, and hot-as-balls sauna weather. She took to the city instantly, and is in fact right now out with a new friend of hers getting a manicure. Incredible. I guess the only thing she didn’t really get to experience was the multiple-hooker trapeze orgies… but then again I don’t think that’s really her cup of tea. But hey, she did surprise me with the betel nut and duck stomach…

Travel travel travel. It’s all I do. I will step off a plane, enter the vagina that is your country or state as a proud, erect, conquering penis. I will repeatedly pound you for all you’re worth, and then limp flaccidly back to my plane where I will get just enough rejuvenating rest before being whisked off to my next distant triumph. I may notch my bedpost for you if you are memorable enough, but I wouldn’t get too excited if I were you. Now get out of my bed, and leave your number on the table… I might want to call you in a couple hours if I’m bored. Beat it. Oh, and Shanghai, Denver, Austin, and Taipei – you’re in the queue that way, so hop to them Kegels and be good and limber upon my touchdown. Ahh… that felt good to get out of my system.

If you know me, you know my penchant for “non-commercial” music. I’m not one for the latest Top 40 and often couldn’t ID a chartopper if they shared a cab with me. But, I like to think I’m not entirely closed-minded, and I do indulge in the occasional prefab pop nugget. Usually, I end up liking these songs because I hear them at a key moment – and in the moment they sound perfect. That’s the case with this radio-tune I really enjoy right now, “One Thing,” by some chick called Amerie. Sharaun tells me that the super-slick production is the work of some hotshot guy right now, makes sense… programming managers must have been tripping over themselves to get this into rotation. No telling if this link will still work even tomorrow, but you can listen to the entire track here. It’s just so summery-fun sounding to me, it kicks the music snob in the ass and makes him listen. The stuttery pounding background instrumentation and cloppy beat remind me of vintage Utah Saints or Dewdrops era Deee-Lite.

Well folks. I think that’s it. I’m giving myself a day off from posting tomorrow, unless I come up with something on the plane. But… even then we’ll be in the air for close to 24hrs, so there may not be an opportune time to publish. I think I’ll join the regular crew down in Henly’s Ball for one more night of Taiwan.

Radio silence, 24hrs.

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