“Bathe less,” instructed a poem I read.

I’ll grant that clean underwear should be renewed daily, but on this trip I’ve come to know that, other than the hands and maybe face, daily washing is largely unnecessary, at least when the day is hardly physically demanding. Besides, I like the smell of myself when I allow it to develop a bit. Others, I’m not sure… but I like it.

I’m out here with the bugs, so many little flies at this campground, some of them bite, but it’s like their hearts aren’t in it, as they’re slow and mostly they don’t. Today is the first no-op day we’ve had in a forest for a little while, reminding me of the early days of the trip. A trip which now only has two months left.

I’m writing on my phone, as I’ve done this entire trip. Phone’s on silent, as it’s also been this entire trip. No ringing, no dinging, no vibration. Blessedly, the device is, very slowly and with great difficulty, becoming less of a thing to me. Its primary functions now playing music and wasting time – these two functions are distinct from one another.

I’ve given more over to the belief that the convenient invention in my pocket is a real problem. Being ever connected to everywhere and everything is nothing but distraction from this where and this thing. Maybe it’s not the same for you, but it’s definitely this way for me.

Worse, the connected world, in particular social media, has moved far beyond simply trying to influence my buying decisions and now works to influence my worldview, opinions, beliefs, and even voting habits. “They” want you to experience and live in the world they’re crafting, when your world is really all around you, begging to be experienced with the entirety of the senses gifted you at birth.

I’m not going crazy I promise. Hugs.

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