Driving around the country for a year you can’t help but notice some trends.

One trend we’ve seen is what Sharaun calls the “nice house, junkyard, nice house” pattern. More scientifically, I’ve started referring to this as the “front yard binary distribution.” (I settled on this because the phrase “pride of ownership” feels condescending and privileged.)

The divide between the two types of front yards, those tidy and well manicured versus those where a sea of un-cut grass surrounds flotsam of scrap machinery, lumber, and never-burned burn piles, is so stark I wonder if it’s something primal in us that’s been around forever.

Like in caveman days I can hear one clansman say to the other, “Dude maybe we should, I dunno, pick up these animal bones and entrails from dinner last night and bury them away from camp? Also maybe let’s not poop right here? Couldn’t we do that on the other side of that hill? And what are we keeping all these rocks for anyway? Are we ever going to do anything with them?” To which I assume the second guy responds, “Huh? Why? You too good for bones?”

And thus was born the distribution.


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