goods and bads

We live in an RV and still have room for stuff we don’t need.

I have four pair long pants I really wear, two of which have zippers at the knee and thereby transform into shorts on demand. The rest languish and could be donated. I have maybe fifteen t-shirts, but only five or six are in heavy rotation. Could donate the others. Two sweaters (one tan and one black) feels right. Altogether too many socks, undershirts and underwear, could donate a third.

We have too many cups. We don’t entertain often. We have exactly six plates and six bowls, we did well on them. We have too many sharp knives and one too many sets of salad tongs. We have stainlessness steel straws and a set of metal kebab sticks and both feel unnecessary. We have pots and pans dialed-in, one small and one large frying, one medium sauce, and one large soup. I wash the same pot and same pan daily, sometimes multiple times, and that feels right.

We have enough books to build a secondary shelter if the RV ever becomes uninhabitable. We regularly swap them at Goodwills and laundromats and campground little libraries but this family be reading so there’s always loose stacks just piled around.

Same with our stockpile of secondhand DVDs. We rarely have good enough connection, or enough cellular bandwidth to spare, for streaming – so we watch DVDs on the hacked Wii. We trade them in and out as well, but there’s still too many. How I ever expect to watch The Godfather with the kids in the RV is beyond me.

Even here, in this small space, we have more than we strictly need. There’s bound to be some learning there.


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