feelings soup

Do you ever get that “filled to bursting” feeling about your kids?

Sometimes, when I’m watching my kids get an award or be on-stage or just thinking about them while apart from them, I get a flood of feeling so strong it’s like I can barely hold it within my physical self. It’s not a single feeling; it’s some mixture of feelings; a feelings soup that is boiling over and almost making me dizzy. It’s emotions I can feel like a physical thing, swelling my bones and filling my veins.

I think maybe the strongest two sub-pieces of it might be pride and love, but also nostalgia and sadness (or whatever the feeling is called when you’re pre-lamenting a future separation – like pre-feeling the emotions of them flying the nest).

This has got to be some evolutionary thing so we don’t simply abandon them in the wilderness when they’re just too much to deal with.

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