cohen’s first word?

Sometimes I think it’s impossible to describe how busy I am.  I often say stupid meaningless chauvinistic things to Sharaun like, “I wish you could be inside my head for a day” to try and convey what sort of rat-race is going on up there.  Yeah sometimes I think this, then other times I think I’m just a wimp.  I think about the rat-race going on in some CEO’s head or a Obama’s head and know that whatever troubles me is paltry in comparison, I walk in the proverbial park alongside that mountain of responsibility.  So, I’ll try not to complain about how very busy I’ve been and how it’s been keeping me from writing.

Instead I’ll write a short bit about Cohen.  For nearly two weeks now I’ve been wondering if Cohen’s been saying his first word.  At first, like we did with Keaton, I dismissed it as phonetically-lucky baby talk.  But more and more he’s able to speak his word on demand, with startling clarity, and, then, in the past few days, without prompting and seemingly in response to a visual connection.  What word is it, you ask?  Well take a gander:

OK it’s short and cuts off, but what do you think internet?  Yeah… eight month old kids don’t really say words, I know.  But I couldn’t be happier.


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