a short break

Where have I been? Hung up; dragging; consumed and wrung-out. Work has been… taxing… this week. Not-work has been… taxing… this week. Plus, I’ve been wracked with terrible sinus headaches the likes of which I’ve never had before. They creep into my head just above my left eye and wait for my lingering cough to make them sharp and pointed. Each time my throat tickles and I cough, my head explodes in a little bloom of hurt right above that eye. I think this has something to do with stress, and maybe even the super antibiotic I’ve been taking to rid myself of my sinus and ear infections – but it’s been every day so far this week around 2pm. Today, coupled with an extraordinarily awful day at work, I came home and wanted to do nothing but collapse on the couch.

I hate this week, I really, really hate this week. More than anything I just want to take some time off, a long weekend, a vacation to clear my head and get away from everything that I hate so much right now. Even as I write my head is exploding inside and telling me just to go to bed. When I wake up in the morning I want nothing more than to roll over again and sleep, or lazily spend my day on the floor throwing balls to Keaton. I’m frustrated. I’m tired. I’m ornery and I’m fed-up. I’m also just a little emotionally oversubscribed and spent, it’s been a bad couple weeks for for tragedy and drama and I’ve been performing sick. I could use a weekend in the hills, sipping a dust-covered beer in my ridiculous “camping hat.” Could use a night in a sleeping bag under the stars, a blowjob in a tent, a breakfast burrito cooked on a Coleman stove. My attitude is bad, my outlook for the remaining two days of this week is bleak, and my head hurts.

Work sucks. Next time you see two bearded guys hawking sloppy-looking tortillas on the roadside, pull over and give those guys some cash – I’m sure they sacrificed good jobs for those corn-stained hands and hobo-lookin’ chin curtains – but don’t they look as happy as pigs in shit? Yeah, in my head they sure do.


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