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I’ve heard it said that there are three things which, in life, you should never want to see being made: 1) sausage, 2) hot dogs, and 3) laws.

I verified this yesterday by actually watching the House wrestle with this health care legislation.  Only, I watched on C-SPAN.  Minus all the commentary you get from the cable news outlets things become very procedural.  After watching the way these “adults” act, I can only imagine Mr. Robert rolling over in his grave.  Most people know that I’m one of those odd-duck, oil-and-water, socially-liberal, emerging church religious persons, so it won’t come as much of a surprise that I’m happy with the way the vote went yesterday.  And since I don’t want to mire us down here with politics, let’s move onto something a little cooler…

Lately I’ve been pretty enamored with a couple albums, my second favorite of which is a freshman effort called Gorilla Manor by Californians The Local Natives.  There is a brilliant track on the record called “Airplanes.”  Not only is it musically chill-inducing but the lyrics are poignant and relevant to what’s been going on lately for me.  The singer sings the song (I love that that’s a grammatically correct sentence intro) to his grandfather, who has passed away, and it’s basically a statement of loss and anticipation towards one day meeting again “in the sky.”  You lose the studio version’s strings in this live performance, but what you gain in rawness is more than an even trade in for passion and power.

Man, the tiny imperfections present in live-performed harmonies are always super endearing to me…  Anyway I predict at least some part of this song will be on a commercial by year’s end.  Seems to be a safe bet based on what’s gone down with standout tracks from word-of-mouth “indie” records of late (I’m looking at you Grizzly Bear).

And that’s all the writing I’ve a mind for this afternoon.  Sharaun’s got another one of  her pregnancy migraines and is laid-up in the bedroom so I’m on Keaton-entertainment duty.  Today we planted garlic, pruned the grapes down to the strongest vines, and trimmed the old growth off Pat’s hops to make room for all the new green that’s starting to show. We also spent some time hand-watering the planters because Keaton loves doing it (the drip system is cool, but nothing beats hand-watering with your girl).


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