Today I stopped at the bookstore on the way home from work.

The second-to-last book in the epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time was released Tuesday and I’ve been meaning to get it ever since.  In fact, I’ve been waiting on this book (and the next one, which will wrap the series) for over a year.  See, I’ve been reading this series for something like on the order of of thirteen years.  Not straight-through, mind you.  I think I’ve read the first ten or so volumes (a mere ~8,500 pages) a total of three times after I’d “caught up” to the publishing/release schedule and had to wait for new volumes to come out.

The series’ original author, Robert Jordan, died in 2007, and another writer, Brandon Sanderson, picked up the quill in his stead, filling in the gaps from Jordan’s notes and determined to complete the story.  I was worried about the Sanderson-penned volumes, but loved the first one he co-authored.  Anyway, I’m super excited to read the new release and be only two years away from the finale.

While I was in line waiting to purchase the book a mother and her son, aged around seven or so by my estimates, queued up behind me.  He was excitedly telling his mother about his intended purchase.  “I can’t wait to read this Mom.  It’s another murder-mystery and his last story was soo good.”  The mom spoke to him about the series, asking him why he liked it so much, and he explained that he “just really like(d) the characters and the suspense.”  I turned around, clutching my tome, and smiled at the mom as if to subliminally communicate, “Good on you, mom, for encouraging your son to read.  You’re doing alright.”  Thankfully I think she got my telepathic message instead of assuming I was hitting on her, and offered a nice knowing smile in return.

I don’t know if kids loving books and reading really means anything about the future of humanity, but witnessing that seemed somehow refreshing and restorative of my faith therein.  Maybe that’s bad… that something as simple and one-time commonplace seems to me so impactful.. probably something wrong with me and not some grand statement on society though.

Gotta go, Towers of Midnight is calling to me.  Goodnight.

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  1. My T Jay is a great reader, but would always tell me that he didn’t like it. So sad. He decided to read the first Harry Potter book (because Jess told him he could get the wii game if he read the book) and has changed his song completely. YEA! He will read for hours and is excited about the story line, characters, and which page number he has reached! Makes me happy to the core!
    I think there is a definate connection to reading and pretty much all things positive!

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