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Something’s happened to me lately. After spending all of my adult life as a person who never ate breakfast, I’m all the sudden hungry in the early morning.

This is new to me. Breakfast has never been part of my morning routine. At least, not in any substantial way. A few years ago, when the sawmill started giving away fruit, I began eating a banana or apple with my morning coffee. I did this more for fruit-intake reasons than any three-squares-a-day thing. Maybe this small expected intake worked to change my metabolism to some degree, training me, as it were, to desire food in the morning. I don’t know, but there’s no denying that I’m now looking for a (more substantial than fruit) meal to start my day.

So far, I’ve handled this poorly. I’ve been purchasing this meal at work and eating it at the desk as I read my morning news. That costs money and likely means I’m eating something in which tater tots have been integrated, not the healthiest options (Father in Heaven, please help me overcome this penchant for tots). To adapt, however, I need to change my whole morning.

In fact, I’ve always thought it might be nice to do the kind of 1950s sitcom breakfast table thing. You know, coffee and paper while I eat half a grapefruit and smoke my pipe or something. OK I hate grapefruit and even though I do enjoy smoking a pipe Sharaun surely won’t let me do so inside. I’d settle, however, for my laptop, coffee, and some toast and jam or an egg or two over easy. If the family is up during this time, which they most often are, it would even be some bonus time with them beyond the typical morning kiss goodbyes.

I have a friend who tells me he does this. Has a morning breakfast sit-down at the table with an old-fashioned analog newspaper and something his wife makes. I don’t expect whatever routine I land on to be quite that anachronistic, but whatever it ends up being it will feel old fashioned to me. I mean, who still takes the physical paper? Tree-haters, Amish, papier-mâcheurs, perhaps. Oh great now I’ve romanticized it, turned it into a mental “quaint” happening like the breakfasts Sharaun and I enjoyed outdoors on Martha’s Vineyard where we honeymooned. It won’t be like that, though. It’ll be a rushed bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and a bagel with the Today Show on in the other room. It’s cool y’all… it’s still breakfast at home.

Now to set my alarm clock twenty minutes earlier than usual. Wonder if it’ll be worth it? Goodnight.

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  1. The paper getter is a tree hater, have you seen his deck? Maybe you should invite other people down to breakfast. If everyone is eating tator tots topped with cheese, bacon, and hot sauce you won’t feel so bad about it.

  2. Dave – I’m a breakfast convert… I’m not sure when it happened though. I went years with no breakfast, and then one day I was so famished I couldn’t do without. I tend to eat things that are portable – like a bagel and cream cheese or organic oatmeal with some homemade granola on top. Now, if I don’t eat breakfast I am dead by 10AM! (This morning I was running late and we are out of food – and since I live in the middle of nowhere I had to call the “country store” that I pass on my way to work and request that they make me a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. I picked it up 15 minutes later… Yum!)

    1. All your comment did was make me wish I lived somewhere where I could call ahead to the “country store” and ask Pops to make me a muffin. Thanks a lot.

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