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This morning I did something a lil’ crazy. See, I constructed a new “outfit,” without external consultation. That’s not something I normally do. Usually I’ll throw on a shirt/shorts combo that is already proven. That means that someone, almost always Sharaun, has already told me that the items I’m wearing “go” with each other. That way, I have preset combos that I know look OK – so I cycle through those. I mean, I don’t even buy clothes. I get a wardrobe “refresh” every December when my birthday and Christmas roll around. That usually lasts me through the year. Since I have very little idea (and really don’t care that much) what looks good, I’d rather take what I get and trust in my gift-givers’ abilities to decide on my accoutrements.

Anyway, today I got all creative and tried to make a new ensemble, and what’s even more strange, out of items I’ve rarely worn before. Ends up I’m wearing a powder blue sweater that’s (in my mind) a tad too tight, and some really dark blue jeans. I have never worn the sweater before (perhaps because it doesn’t quite fit) and I normally loathe dark denim. So, I’m sitting here wondering how gay I look. Note to my gay readers: I ain’t got nuthin against ya, I just don’t wanna be mistaken for ya… no hard feelings? Cool.

Nobody’s really said anything yet, so I guess it’s not too aggregious of a fashion faux pas. But somehow, whenever I stray from my tried and true clothing combos – I end up sitting in my cube staring down at what I’m wearing and thinking “Damn. Do I look like a huge tool right now? Man, I do. I look like a friggin’ tool. Nah… maybe not…” Bottom line I guess is that I could care less really. As long as my junk isn’t hanging out or something, I’m cool with it. I’ll just wait till I get home and Sharaun goes: “Did you wear that to work today?” Then I’ll know.

I’ve finished the code portion of the Halloween costume voting page. And don’t complain about it not being ready yet, I put a lot of effort into that mess. For the nerds who appreciate it: involved a masterful combination of cookies, Javascript, ASP, and JetSQL. Probably all for a page that will be stale from inception anyway, but whatever – like I said before I love projects. So working on it was fun enough. I should have it ready by tomorrow morning. You’ll be able to vote on the best costume, as well as leave comments for each individual costume. Should be cool, but I’ll let the end user decide. There were some awesome costumes, so I think they should get some time on the web – as all awesome things should.

Last night Anthony and Ben and I put our best effort into finishing off the Halloween keg. From the “liftability” of it, I figured it wouldn’t be very hard. However, turns out it had me fooled as it easily served up two liters of tasty brew for each of us (that’s six liters total: dave conquers multiplication) without hinting at being dry. I mean, it feels empty – but the beer keeps coming. Could it be I bought the fabled neverending keg? Who knows… I’ll keep testing it though, just to be sure. Then we watched some TiVo’d Reno 911 and threw in the Matrix Reloaded. Bah… Reloaded blew to me… too much mystical crap, and that orgyrave scene seemed really dumb and gratuitous. I like the first one a lot, but the second one either went over my head or I’m not interested enough in it to invest the time to appreciate it’s intricacies.

OK, I’ve got lots more to say – but my fingers aren’t willing. Look for the Halloween page to be linked in tomorrow’s blog, promise. Dave out.

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  1. I´ve got some javascript/Jsp/Asp books at home if you´re interested. Plus, I´d be available to help troubleshoot if you need it. Dan´s out of town for the week so I´m pretty bored hanging out at home… we don´t even have cable to watch Reno 911, let alone Tivo to watch it whenever we want to. 🙁

  2. Dave you look gay today and I am in Oregon today, so that means I can feel your gayness all the way up here, so you must really look gay today. Get that damn Hallows Eve page done Biatch!

  3. Dave,

    Today I was going to comment on how I couldn´t believe you wore a sweater today, because I´m here today and I saw the sweater you were wearing today and I thought it looked fine. I think Eric might want to turn down the sensitivity on his "pager" today. Must be distracting today picking up signals from that far away.

  4. Dave, I´m very proud of you that you took that huge step into the fashion world. As an Apparel Design major, I´m inspired. lol!
    Btw, Wes recently introduced me to your blog page and I have to admit, reading it has made me laugh quite often. Especially this one and the one about you chewing on things. Keep up the great work!

  5. oh gosh ash… i can´t have you reading this filth! my advice, run away and don´t read – i don´t wanna be the one responsible for bringing you into my sordid world.

    but on the serious tip, thanks for the comment and the readin´. hope i can continue to keep ya entertained.

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