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Hey internet. Didja?

I’m going before work bright and early; depending on the coast you’re on and the time you’re reading this – I may in fact have already been. Think we’ll get a definitive result tonight? Not sure… but I sure hope so. We’re off to Oregon on Wednesday and I’d like to be able to know who’s taking office come January. Here’s hoping. Ready, set, blog.

Three random paragraphs I wrote and  have no way to make slick segues between, presented in no particular order:

I’m pretty sure that when I took “science” back in middle school that someone along the way taught me that the average lifsepan of a common housefly is about twenty-four hours; a single day.  In fact, unless I totally imagined that (for some oddball reason), I recall thinking how crappy that was.  Birth, a dedicated search for both potato salad and a suitable mate for procreation, and repeated attempts at escaping by flying headlong into closed windows (not even knowing what a window is or why you can see, but not fly, through it).  But man, that was a bunch of bunk.  There’s been a fly in our house for days now.  How he survives, I have no idea… but 24hrs is a load of dook.

Don’t know what I was thinking about doing a picnic today with Keaton on my “working from home” daddy-daycare day, it’s been cold, cloudy, and rainy for the past few days. I guess I was just in some daddy-n-daughter time fantasy world.  Instead, we decided to take a walk over to a local eatery, rain and all.  We both crowded under my large umbrella and braved the elements to have lunch together.  It was one of those salad-bar places so we both kinda hunted and pecked of my plate, veggie-style.  By the time we’d finished eating and chatting, the rain had subsided for our short jaunt back home.  The walk in that direction is mostly uphill and I thought up the idea of challenging Keaton to a “race” to the top in an attempt to at least let her expend some energy before naptime.  Was fun.

Finally decided to try and sync my iPhone Safari bookmarks with my “standard” bookmarks today.  I use a server-based bookmarking application called SiteBar to store/access my bookmarks.  That way, I can access/edit them in any browser and anyplace in the world – instead of having them locked to a particular application on a particular PC.  I used the SiteBar “export” feature to get an HTML bookmark file which I could import into Interner Explorer (which I don’t use, so was void of bookmarks), then told iTunes to sync the IE bookmarks with Safari.  Worked like a charm and it’s really nice to have the entirety of my usual bookmars on the device – really helps make the internet more usable.

OK folks, off to get one final pre-voting day dose of punditry before I sleep on my intended vote one last time (and, wait for my wife to get home from her short out-of-state trip!).  Have a good day, and I’ll be talkin’ to you tomorrow.


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