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Left work early today for a 3:30 appointment. Yeah, an appointment with a lawn mower and my front yard. Since ol’ Ben Franklin took away my after-work daylight, I’ve got to be creative with when I get non-weekend yardwork done. Hey, saw this the day before the election. Seems to say that the real interpretation of Bin Laden’s words on his pre-election tape is actually a threat to individual US states choosing to side with Bush. Dunno how much truth there is to it, but I found it interesting. The website seems credible, and releasing a pre-election video which is directly trying to influence the election makes sense to me. Owell, intro paragraph over.

As often as I’ve complained about my sedentary, cubicle-based, job and my desire for something with a little more “movement,” there is one good thing about it – I get to listen to music all day long. I’ve been lucky, having had a series of jobs where I can indulge in tunes: working in a music store, and desk jobs where I can throw on the headphones and hang out in my own little world. It gives me a great opportunity to hear new tunes. Most of the time, I’m not listening-listening, it’s more like background music – but I do pick up the “feel” of the album that way, which puts me in a better position to appreciate it more if it turns out to be good. Anyway, I have no idea what I’m saying – I just wanted to talk about how I’m happy I have a job where I can listen to tunes all day. There, was that so hard?

I’m going to go against my better judgment and write a paragraph inspired by a TV show… and not any TV show, the new 91210 – the OC. I know, I know… where are my scruples, right? But I’m gonna break it down for y’all, I love that show. I don’t even care, call it a guilty pleasure or something. Anyway, I’m not going to write about the show – I’m going to write about something the show made me think of.

Back in high school, I think our senior year, a friend of mine “ran away” from home. Not in the side-of-a-milk-carton thing, when you’re 18 it’s pretty much your choice to make. He had some problems with his dad, and decided he’d had enough. He moved in with another friend of ours, and stayed in a guest room there. Come graduation, I had grown a lot closer to Jeremy. We were both sticking around the hometown for the next two years, choosing cheaper and easier community college over a four-year school. Our mutual friend, the one he was living with, however, had chosen to move away. This left Jeremy without a place to stay.

On a whim, I suggested he come live with me, at my parents’ house. Out of that casual suggestion, a living arrangement was born. A living arrangement that was awesome. We were best friends, brothers even. Never have I been closer to someone, or enjoyed someone’s company that much. For two years Jeremy lived in our converted garage, just like Ryan on the OC. (I told you it was coming back, didn’t I). Anyway, when I watch that show – I think of those years when Jeremy lived with us, and it just makes me feel good. Every once in a while, I start thinking that the days I’m living in are surely the best days of my life. I’ve thought that a lot, probably every year.

I think that’s the way it should be… every year is the best year. Even when you look back on them, they are still the best years. Today: the best year; last year: the best year. I’ve been extremely fortunate, I try to remember that. I do.

Next week, I already have a couple entries planned. I’m going to write about my New Orleans drug experience, and about getting robbed on the empty streets of Nassau. Holy crap I love this site, reminds me of Dr. Bronner’s soap. The term “bastardy queer” is priceless. Dave out.

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