t-minus fourteen days

Another week wanes.

Been working on the half best-of 2010 list, the bit o’ crazy in me that is trying to “get things done” before the baby comes wants to have that piece written and posted soon.  Yes, somehow hitting my blog commitments is important to me, even though these “commitments” have been made to no one, and no one aside from me cares.  So I wrote some of that this evening… you always have to listen to the records you’re writing about as you write them, it’s the only way to be objective.

Speaking of the baby, today is the 24th of June and Cohen is supposed to come on the 8th of July.  By my math that’s exactly fourteen days.  Fourteen days!  How did this happen so quickly?  Where did the time go?  How did my wife’s belly get this astoundingly large?  And yes I’ll acknowledge that due-dates aren’t 100% – but the human gestation period is pretty consistent.  Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if it were less so.  What if term for a “normal” pregnancy was much less predictable, varying by months instead of weeks?  Man that would be tough.  “When’s your kid coming, Dave?”  “Uhh… looking like sometime between July and October.”  Thankfully that forty week average is pretty consistent.

Fourteen days.  That’s ridiculously soon.

I am beginning to feel significantly un-ready for this.  In fact I should stop writing now and do something to prepare.


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